Káva na nízký tlak, IKEA ELDSLÅGA Manual

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This manual and the appliance Installation and maintenance itself provide important safety must be carried káva na nízký tlak by a Page 6 EnGLiSh supervised. This appliance - Unattended cooking on a can be used by children aged hob with fat or oil can be dangerous and may result in from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, fire.

NEVER try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and the appliance and then cover knowledge if they have flame e. They shall not play out of the reach of children.

Cleaning and user maintenance shall maintenance wait for hob to cool down.

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Save these instructions - The use of a gas appliance produces heat and humidity in the room. Make sure the room is well-ventilated, or install an extractor hood with exhaust duct.

If, after that time has important: when the hob is in use, the entire elapsed, the burner does not remain lit, hob area may become hot. Press the knob against the control panel of the delivered gas make the ignition of to ignite the burner.

The burner might go out when the knob is This burner safety device shuts off the gas released. This means that the safety device supply to the burner if the flame goes out has not warmed up enough.

In this accidentally because of sudden draught, an case, repeat the operations described interruption in the visok puls normalan pritisak delivery, boiling over above. Refit burners and burner caps correctly All the enamelled and glass parts in the respective housings.

Clean with warm water and neutral Check these items frequently, and if detergent, and then dry with a trudna s hipertenzijom necessary, clean them with a damp cloth or chamois.

Remove baked-on dirt cloth. Any baked-on food should be with káva na nízký tlak cleaners for stainless steel removed with a toothpick or needle.

Do not use abrasive or corrosive products, chlorine-based cleaners or pan scourers. Do not use steam cleaning appliances. Do not use flammable products.

Do not leave acid or alkaline substances, such as vinegar, mustard, salt, sugar or lemon juice on the hob. Problem Possible cause Solution The electric ignition does not There is no electrical Check the unit is plugged in work káva na nízký tlak and the electrical supply is switched on.

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The burner fails to ignite The gas tap could be Check that the gas tap is closed open The gas ring burns unevenly Burner crown may Clean the burner crown be occluded by food according to cleaning residues instructions to make sure that the burner crown is clear of food residues.

It shall be installed has not been damaged during transport. In in accordance with current installation the event of problems, contact the dealer or regulations.

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Particular attention shall your nearest After-sales Service. Technical information for the installer Combustion products are discharged This product can be embedded in a outdoors through specific hoods or wall worktop 20 to 50 mm thick.

If there is no oven beneath the hob, Gas connection insert a separator panel that has a surface at least equal to the opening This operation must be performed by a in the work surface. This panel must be qualified technician. Page 13 EnGLiSh made by means of a rigid copper or iMPORTAnT: if a stainless steel hose steel pipe with fittings complying with is used, it must be installed so káva na nízký tlak not to local regulations, or by means of a touch any mobile part of the furniture.

The there are no káva na nízký tlak and where it is maximum length of the hose is 2 linear possible to inspect it on all its length. After connection to the gas supply, check for leaks with soapy water.

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Light up the burners and turn the knobs from max position to minimum position check flame stability Electrical connection WARNING This operation must be performed by a qualified technician. The electrical connections must comply with local regulations. The earthing of this appliance is compulsory by law. Assembly After having cleaned the perimeter surface, apply the supplied gasket to the hob.

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Connect elbow A or B supplied with Position the hob in the worktop opening to the hob inlet main pipe and interpose made respecting the dimensions indicated in the washer C supplied, in compliance Page 14 EnGLiSh Make sure that the outlet is near the product the injectors in such a way that it covers to install.

So, if the cable that came with the the existing information relating to gas product is not long enough, you will need to calibration. If the appliance is intended to operate with a different gas from the gas type stated on the rating plate and information label on the top of the hob, change the injectors. Remove the information label hipertenzija valjci keep it with the instructions booklet.

Use pressure regulators suitable for the gas pressure indicated in the Instruction.

The gas nozzles must be changed by After Sales Service or a qualified technician. Nozzles not supplied with the appliance must be ordered from After Sales Adjusting minimum gas setting of taps Service. Adjust the minimum setting of the taps.

The adjustment must be performed with the tap in minimum gas setting position small flame. The primary air of the burners does not need to be adjusted. At this stage, light up the burners and turn the knobs from max position to minimum position to check flame stability. Upon completion of adjustment, reseal the work surface using sealing wax or an equivalent material. All knobs must be in closed position.

Page 16 EnGLiSh Pull upwards each knob of the cooktop and Make sure that all the knobs are in the right store together after removal. Verify correct installation by switching each burner separately.

Take the kit with new knobs, which is located in upper part of packaging and remove the new knobs from the plastic bag. Push each of knob on the valve shaft until you feel the end of sliding sparking may occur.

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This cooking hob Class 3 has been The symbol on the product or designed only for cooking food. Any accompanying documentation indicates other use such as heating a room is that this product should not be treated as improper and dangerous. If a customer own service operations, will then, at its sole transports the product to his home or Page Ikea Guarantee Area of validity Please also always refer to the IKEA For appliances which are purchased káva na nízký tlak one EU article number 8 digit code and 12 country and taken to another EU country, the digit service number placed on the services will be provided in the framework káva na nízký tlak rating plate of your appliance.

Page 20 Bezpečnostné pokyny Tabuľka dýz Popis spotrebiča Technické údaje Každodenné použitie Montáž Užitočné rady a tipy informácie o ochrane Údržba a čistenie životného prostredia Čo robiť, ak V tomto návode a na samotnom Inštaláciu alebo údržbu smie spotrebiči sú uvedené dôležité vykonať iba kvalifikovaný informácie týkajúce sa elektrikár v súlade s pokynmi Tento dodávateľa plynu, pričom úkon musí vykonať vyškolený použite susedov telefón.


Postupujte podľa pokynov - Výrobca nezodpovedá za dodávateľa plynu. Tento spotrebič - Varenie bez dozoru na varnej doske s použitím tuku alebo môžu používať deti od veku 8 rokov a osoby so zníženými oleja môže byť nebezpečné a môže spôsobiť požiar. NIKDY fyzickými, zmyslovými alebo rozumovými schopnosťami sa nesnažte uhasiť požiar alebo nedostatkom poznatkov vodou.

Spotrebič vypnite a potom prikryte plamene, napr. Nesmú sa so neukladajte predmety na varný povrch. Deti nesmú bez epistaksa i hipertenzija spotrebič čistiť ani - Obalový materiál skladujte mimo dosahu detí.

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